Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry collection sparkles with diamonds

If I have to pick between a chocolate and a diamond, I would definitely let go of the precious stone and hang onto my share of chocolate. However it would have been a heart-breaking decision as diamonds stand second to chocolates on my ‘Most Desired’ list. But Hershey’s have decided to lure chocolicious, diamond-clad women (like me) to the Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry Preview and Cocktail Party. Flaunt you passion for Hershey’s Kiss and for a change wear it (and not eat it). The collection of Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry includes diamond studded Kisses shaped from sterling silver and white gold. Also the trademark Hershey’s Kiss plume is not missed in the designs. The collection will be showcased at Dylan’s Candy Bar, NYC on 27th Oct 2009.

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