Graff has made a dazzling tiara that is embedded with the ‘infinity diamond’ the largest heart-shaped diamond in the world.

Some jewels are painstakingly designed and crafted to perfection to fit a grand royal’s taste and persona. Then every once in a century(or more) comes along a piece of the gem so spellbinding it makes one wonder if there even exists a royal deserving enough to grace it? Worthy or not, wealthy or not, the gorgeous Graff Infinity tiara is made for someone who will be known because of it. A diadem like no other, the piece will mark the luxury that Graff is known for in the world of diamonds and celebrate the opening of the House’s flagship store in Ginza. It is here that Graff will unveil for the first time the extraordinary Infinity Tiara.

Rightfully perched at the center of the spiraling design is a heart-shaped diamond weighing 157.8 carats of near-perfect quality. The infinity diamond, as it is christened, was cut and polished by Graff from the 373-carat rough diamond. Interestingly, this 373-carat rough diamond is believed to be a part of the legendary 1,109 carats Botswanan Lesedi La Rona diamond, purchased by the House of Graff in 2017 for $53 million. The two huge rocks were found near each other, and when juxtaposed, they fitted together perfectly!

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The GIA stated the Infinity Diamond to be the largest heart-shaped diamond globally, flaunting a bright D color, VVS1 clarity, and weighing an extraordinary 157.80 carats. To take out a perfectly shaped diamond from the rough is a task tailor-made for a skilled craftsman. Graff appointed its master cutter with more than 40 years of experience to bring out the inner beauty of the incredible 373-carat rough diamond and make something infinitely romantic out of it! The result is the Infinity Diamond that possesses a sharp point, flawless facets, and aesthetically beautiful cleft.

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The sparkling stone is now part of a stunning tiara pave-set with the highest quality Graff diamonds with individual heart-shaped dangling diamonds that though adorable, are easily missed for the cynosure are unmatched in size and glory. For now, the Graff Infinity tiara will reside in Japan, and if it remains unsold, it will be available for purchase in the UK soon.

[Via: Tatler]

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