An overtly romantic London billionaire bought a $678,000 Hermes Birkin sculpture for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

A bouquet and a box of chocolates are hardly an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Not when we live in a world where condoms come wrapped in gold foil by Saint Laurent, and Agent Provocateur dishes out, enticing new lines of lingerie aimed at the lovers. Topping these spicy options and crushing the idea of a candle-lit dinner is a London-based billionaire who went the extra mile to enthrall his girlfriend on V-Day! It wouldn’t be fitting to call his creation a perfect gift, but it is undoubtedly an ultra-unique and expensive one. With the help of Debbie Wingham, the anonymous Chelsea billionaire spent nearly $678,000 on a sculpture of a Hermes Birkin bag.

Titled the ‘ The Drip Bag’, the NFT is a gif in loop of the bag melting.

I prefer the actual Hermes Birkin bag, but I’m guessing the girlfriend already has a closet full of Birkins, so a sculpture that immortalizes her second love is quite fitting after all. This out-of-the-box sculpture is platinum-plated with more than 8,000 diamonds and a 3ct heart-shaped emerald. The bag statue is made of fiberglass before plating it entirely in platinum. It doesn’t end there; the diamond-encrusted tag houses an NFT of the bag that looks like it is melting away from the bottom.

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The handles are entirely covered in diamonds and a 36ct cuff. To add a special touch per the clients’ request, Debbie roped in an NFT expert to create the NFT GIF of the bag melting on a loop, titled The Drip Bag. The DripBag NFT alone costs roughly $300,000. Debbie Wingham is indeed the go-to person for extravagant gifts and grand gestures. She catapulted to fame after creating the world’s most expensive cake for a whopping $1 million.

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The cake looked exactly like a life-sized bride with an elaborate white wedding dress, headscarf, and bouquet. Wingham has created a gold drip bag in the past for a private collectors’ home in Abu Dhabi. That Hermès Birkin bag was cast in real gold from a 3D printed master and cost a massive $1 million.

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