Hermès’ half year profit soars at $414 million with the brand finding it hard to keep stocks up

After selling a hundred bags to Victoria Beckham, Hermès, cannot meet with its high demands for the £500 silk scarfs and £6,000 handbags. So they decide to hire 400 new employees. With profits soaring at a staggering $$414.14 million, the Paris-based brand doesn’t really have anything to complain about considering that the 174-year-old company, has announced a massive a 50% hike in first-half profits to €291m ($414.14) with demands for the Kelly and Birkin handbags soaring at an all time high in the US and Japanese markets, despite yet another economic downturn that is in the offing. But looking at drying stocks, the frenzy and momentum may be difficult to maintain. Along with the massive employment drive, the brand also plans to launch 10 new stores. Time to get your Christmas shopping in place!

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