Rare colored diamonds all set to be your new best friend

Right from Kate Winslet’s ‘Rose’ from Titanic who was gifted with a rare blue diamond, colored diamonds have been a rage. Even the rare pink diamond which was on auction, garnered some big bills! If you can’t afford an expensive colored diamond through an auction, or don’t have nice friends to gift you one, you can buy stunning new colored diamonds for yourself! The father and daughter team of Arthur and Natacha Langerman has made it all the more easier for you as you can place an order online to book your own naturally colored diamonds, by weight, color or cut. You can also get your questions answered by experts within 24-hours.the website features over 1200 rare diamonds in 300 shades with prices ranging between $150 and $2 million.

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But you need to act fast, as all the good ones will surely be the first to go!