An ultra-exclusive toast: Infused with real gold this limited-edition gin is made for the Rolls Royce Ghost

You can kill two birds with one stone or better yet, enjoy the best of two luxury brands with one launch! To celebrate the momentous 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost, two luxury British brands, gin makers 24 Carat Gin and Rolls Royce have joined hands to commission limited-edition handcrafted gin. The gin is impossibly smooth owing to the distillation process which involves 18 Oz solid 24 Carat Gold bars. It goes beyond unmatched taste and unparalleled craftsmanship (each bottle takes over 120 hours of perfecting work to polish and all the action unfolds in a ‘secret location’ in the United Kingdom). The bottle is the perfect gift as the glory of one’s home bar complete with a bespoke bottle, personalized bottle number, and removable bar on every bottle. The aroma of cardamom, anise seed, sarsaparilla, as well as notes of juniper, coriander, French lavender, and two kinds of orange peel make it the smoothest, natural gin on the market, a complete treat for an arbitrator of luxe! The process is scrupulous, as after perfecting the blend in their workshops, it’s placed in nylon sacks and suspended in a pure, neutral grain spirit, where they stay in tanks for 18 hours to macerate. It would only be correct to call it liquid gold as no other accolade will suffice its grandeur.

The limited-edition 24 Carat Gin Rolls Royce bottles are personalized and numbered looking completely minimalist and elegant. The bottle is enhanced with an understated Rolls-Royce logo delicately emblazoned into the clear glass. Each customer buying the new Ghost will receive a bottle of 24 Carat Gin with their purchase, cementing 24 Carat’s status as the Rolls-Royce of gins. You can’t buy this gorgeous gin off the shelves; the excellent car and the excellent toast to it, come hand-in-hand!

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[Avaialble for $1,200 at 24 Carat Gin Via: GQ India]

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