The perfect 100 carat diamond is on the block for $25 million

A perfectly rare 100.20 carat white diamond in an emerald cut, is going to be auctioned by Sotheby’s in New York on April 21st. The diamond is perfectly white and internally flawless, it has been compared to a pool of icy water. This stone is the only classic emerald cut white diamond of the highest colour and clarity and over 100 carats to come to auction. It is a type IIa stone (free of any imperfections) and its D colour ( the whitest, clearest colour)

The diamond was mined in South Africa by De Beers, sometime during the last decade and weighed 200 carats before it was cut and polished.

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perfect-diamond-2The diamond will be exhibited in Dubai, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Doha before returning to New York for the auction. The diamond is believed to fetch upto 25 million dollars. Compred to the other 100 carat diamonds to be sold at the auction this one is a perfect emerald cut and hence makes it even more desirable.

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[Via – CNN]

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