The Rolls Royce of coffee mugs – The app controlled on the go smart mug costs $180 and keeps your drink heated to the exact temperature

If you’re a traveler who loves tech, you cannot miss out on Ember’s latest edition! After launching its first electric Travel Mug, the marquee is back with edition no.2. We’re talking about the much-touted for Travel Mug 2’ – the brand’s latest product to hit the shelves.

Designed to be used on-the-go, the novel mug does more than keeping your coffee/beverage hot. The smart heated gadget allows users to set the exact drinking temperature as conducive to them and keep it that way for as long as 3 hours! Yes, that’s right!

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Leakproof and dishwasher safe, the second edition is an upgrade in terms of battery life. While its predecessor could retain the temperature of the drink for two hours, the Travel Mug 2 takes it up a notch by another hour. It also features a new way to control temperature (with a range of 50 degrees C to 62.5 degrees C) and comes with an updated oval-shaped charging coaster.

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In other departments, it bears a simile with its forerunner. It is easy to clean, safe to hand wash, and can be submerged in water up to 1 meter. It presents a smart solution to plastic cups and is a sustainable travel accessory for keeps. Ember’s Travel Mug 2 is now available for purchase online on the brand’s official website as well as on Amazon for $179.95. Care to treat yourself with this beauty?

[Available at: Ember]

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