The Difference Coffee Company serves the rarest Arabica coffees in the world in a Nespresso compatible capsule

Exclusively sourced coffee isn’t just a good practice for a respectable brand, it is everything. Difference Coffee Company has been setting the highest benchmarks when it comes to sourcing its coffee. Famed for creating the ‘world’s best-tasting coffee capsules’, the company picks out the rarest winning varietals of award-winning coffees from around the world.

This uniqueness has made the brand a preferred choice for over 100 Michelin restaurants, over 30 of which are located in Italy. The brand enjoys serving its product to discerning guests at the finest luxury establishments including Mandarin Oriental, The Four Seasons, The Palace in Gstaad, and The Dorchester.

No land holds the monopoly for the best coffee. The yield of perfect beans is subjective to several factors and to pick the best from the best, growers indulge in highly regarded competitions where they pit their harvest against the rest. These are the sourcing grounds for Difference Coffee. This not only brings the best batch to the fore but also establishes that the estate that the coffee is sourced from bears a notable heritage and legacy. Another key aspect is the consistency at which the estate produces its successful product.

Founder, Amir Gehl, prides his product as “a collection of award-winning, rare, and limited-edition coffees, profiled for maximum sweetness, presented in Nespresso Compatible Capsules for freshness and perfect extraction”.

The Master Roasters at Difference Coffee exercise their skills with meticulous perfection. They extract layers of flavors and aromas by defining the optimal roast profile, which varies from each of the hand-picked varieties. This is what makes it possible for each of the coffees to be expressed in their best possible form.

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Before the coffee finds its way into the capsules it is put through sensory cuppings and sample profile roastings. This helps the Master Roasters establish the best possible sweetness, bitterness, and acidity for each coffee. This is manifested through the taste and the smell of each coffee varietal.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules make for a convenient coffee fix, with the right measured doses served amid a bustling urban schedule. It’s an escape into the exhilarating romance of taste and smell, without bothering with elaborate contraptions and processes. The brewing process ensures that the flavors of the coffee are captured at their very peak. It is then ground with precision and finally locked into an oxygen-free vessel.

The benefit of capsules is not just the ease of use that they present, but also the assurance that you will be served the perfect measure of coffee, preserved in its most optimal state.

One can learn from a host of cocktail recipes that help coffee-lovers optimize their coffee drinking experience. It’s here where you will find blogs and posts that dispel common myths about coffee, unravel secrets of Italian coffee, learn about unblended coffees, and also understand the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans.

Arabica beans are carefully graded on a scale of 100 points. Only coffees that are graded above 80 points are considered Specialty Grade. Also, only 1% of all Arabica supply makes it to the Specialty Grade category. Difference Coffees are sourced from the upper tier of the selected lots. Some of the competitions where these coffees are bid for include Kona Cupping Competition, Cup of Excellence, and Best of Panama.

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The selection offered by Difference Coffee includes limited-edition coffees that could range from 400 to 900 boxes a month, and that’s that. It’s what makes the brand incredibly rare. The capsules are sold only at Their collection includes absolute gems in the coffee world, including Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona Coffee, Wild Kopi Luwak, Cup of Excellence Champion coffees and Esmeralda Geisha from Panama.

About Difference Coffees
Established in 2016, Difference Coffees has set the standard for the most exclusive taste-and-smell sensorial treats in the world. The company’s Founder, Amir Gehl, completed his post-graduation studies at the London School of Economics and was also an alumnus of Harvard Business School. After working in his family business, a fifth generation tobacco manufacturer, he discovered the convenience of a Nespresso machine and appreciated how it represented the truest flavors of the beans. For the record, he was never a long-time coffee aficionado. “Capsules keep coffee fresh”, believe Gehl, “that’s why a Nespresso capsule will always taste fresh. After being roasted, the coffee loses its taste through oxidation very quickly. If you are a coffee shop and serve hundreds of cups per day you don’t need capsules, but if you are a Michelin-starred restaurant serving a small number of clients per day, then you definitely need them.

Today, Difference Coffee is enjoying the patronage of the most discerning customers and luxury hospitality properties. They ship across the world, with most shipments being delivered within three days. The capsules are beautifully designed and exquisitely packaged before delivery, with pricing ranging from £1 to £5 depending on the coffee you pick.

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