The worlds most advanced and expensive speakers cost $1.5 million a pair

There are amazing speakers and then those that come with pre-fitted punch lines. The Kharma Enigma Veyron Speaker System enters the ring with the accolade of being the most advanced audio system in the world. Also known as the Holy Grail in high-end audio, the system offers sound quality hat is unparalleled. Thanks to the superior technology infused in the speakers, the dynamic loudspeakers seem to be all set to make a niche in the field of audio playback.

The Kharma drivers in this one have been fully new-engineered and are the key driving factor behind the efficiency of the speaker system. The exclusive Kharma Omega F drivers are the key reason these speakers perform so well. They also feature the largest Diamond cone surface in the history of speakers, which can be found in the tweeters.
The design of the speakers match the sound the pump and the price they come at. The 5-axis CNC machined Bulletwood parts in the cabinet are crafted with finesse and style. The subwoofer, tweeters and the amplifier arrive in a rather elaborate but elegant looking stack that can truly complement the interiors of your home.
Albeit, for $1.5 million.

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