The Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision LD with 231 inch screen for $500,000

This one is certainly not going to make it to your living room or bedroom; however, it certainly deserves a place on my blog! The Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision LD is an oversized TV and bigger than any other TV you have ever seen. With a massive 231-inch screen diagonal length and all of the inputs you’d expect from a TV of this caliber, the Fujitsu Super looms unquestionably. Although the size of the screen is breathtaking, the specifications aren’t so interesting, with the display only offering a 512 x 288 LED pixels of resolution. This means that you have to stand at least 5m away to see what’s going on. Ideally designed for outdoor advertising, the Super Frontech Vision LD offers a full set of inputs, including DVI, with the display supporting 16 million colors and packing a brightness of 5,000 candelas per square meter.

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Obviously the price of this colossal screen is just as sky-scraping at £262,000 ($500,000).

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