These custom carbon fiber Airpods cost more than an iPhone

If you own a customized iPhone and don’t want to pair it with the bog-standard white AirPods, here’s some that might interest you. French designer brand Hadoro Paris, known for making personalized accessories using high-end materials and incredible craftsmanship, has introduced a redesigned take on the iconic wireless earbuds that are both lighter and tougher. Called the Carbon Black, the customized AirPods are made of carbon fiber. According to the company, they went with the material thanks to its property of being 5 times stronger, twice as stiff, and a whole lot lighter than steel. To guarantee maximum quality, the carbon fiber composite material is produced at the company’s own facility.

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The process of customizing the AirPods isn’t simple. The engineers at Hadoro start by carefully disassembling the original AirPods case while keeping the components intact. The new parts for the new case are then carved from solid blocks of carbon fiber, and everything is then carefully put together. In terms of looks, the earbuds are coated with a durable and scratch-resistant black soft-touch finish, while the carbon fiber AirPods case has a graphite finish. The customized Carbon Black AirPods are available via the company’s website and sell for 650 euros (roughly $750). Hadoro also offers the option to further customize the AirPods with personal engraving of up to four letters at the cost of 50 euros (approx. $58).

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