This $44,000 Saint Laurent Rive Droite marble turntable is the most stylish record player you can buy

Assuming you have around $$44,000 lying around I pose you a question- would you use that massive amount of money to buy a BMW entry-level luxury sedan or an exquisite turntable designed by Pierre Riffaud for Saint Laurent? The right answer would be the turntable as this one-of-a-king collective is a thing ideal for those who have a taste for the finer things in life. Pierre Riffaud’s vinyl table is part of the Rive Droite collection, the address for Saint Laurent’s most opulent non-clothing offerings which included a $25,925 art book, a pair of $8,840 set of Zai Skis and a $3,025 skateboard covered entirely in gold leaf earlier. This latest Objet d’art by Saint Laurent is handcrafted out of marble and is complete with hand-made components, making for an incredibly precise piece of musical equipment. Pierre Riffaud has been designing turntables for its discerning music-obsessed clientele since 1984 and knows exactly what he is doing which is why the extravagant Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Pierre Riffaud vinyl table is an audiophile’s dream. As turntables do, this beauty of a turntable also works in manual mode pretty much like it’s cheaper vinyl counterparts.

Built atop a grand marble base, each piece of the turntable is handmade to ensure the perfect balance and precision which will set you back by almost $44,000 along with the added expense of a trip to Paris as the device is exclusively available at the Paris Saint Laurent Rive Droite store.

[Available at: YSL]

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