This fancy limited edition Huawei flip phone comes with a Guerlain lipstick set

Our world is divided into two categories- Apple iPhones and Samsungs. But before this rock-solid classification entered our lives, there existed several excellent, vibrant cell phones which we have fervently covered over the years. These phones gave writers plenty to write about. Each looked different, not simply clinical upgrades; there was an element of design, color, and individualist quality. The same has been observed years later in the Huawei Pocket S 520 limited edition. The cellphone in a cutesy Sakura-themed gift box establishes the return of the endearing devices, sadly only in China.

The gift bundle will comprise the latest Huawei Pocket S 520 limited edition and a gift box with a Huawei Pocket S (Sakura Pink 256GB version). The element of surprise lies in the inclusion of a Guerlain Prestige Gem Lipstick Set (Guerlain Prestige Gem Lipstick 214 & Prestige Gem Lipstick Cover Dai Pink Butterfly Pattern). The cutting-edge flip-style smartphone with a sleek design boasts two screens, including a stunning 6.9-inch main display. The main screen is an OLED panel flaunting a distinctive 1.07 billion colors and a P3 wide color gamut, ensuring vibrant and lifelike visuals.

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Every detail on the screen is crisp and sharp owing to the FHD+ resolution of 2790 × 1188 pixels. You won’t miss your lackluster, boring-to-the-T cellphones, as the 300 Hz touch sampling rate ensures precise and responsive touch interactions. On being folded, a compact cover display expands to 1.04 inches, where one can conveniently check notifications and calls without the need to unfold the phone. Your creativity and moods are challenged as plenty of customization and personalization are available in the device.

With its innovative design, vibrant displays, and robust performance (powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 4G), this flip-style smartphone is a perfect companion for those seeking a seamless and feature-rich mobile experience. Bear in mind the new limited edition gift box package will be available through Huawei Chinese online store, Vmall.

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LG had even roped in Edward Norton and Daria Werbowy for an ad campaign of the Prada phone.

This was the first luxury touchscreen phone and it was a Prada
Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone was not the first cellphone with a capacitive touchscreen; it was actually Prada that paved the path. The LG KE850 Prada was announced in 2006, a bit before the historic Apple’s unveiling at the Macworld Expo in 2007. The device resulted from collaboration between LG and fashion brand Prada and featured a 3″ screen with 320 x 480 px resolution. Primarily a touchscreen phone, it only had three physical buttons for pick-up, hang-up, and back. The $655 Prada phone came with Flash technology for its user interface, a 256MB microSD card pre-installed, and a 2MP camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics and an LED flash.

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