This mystery iPhone X Bentley Edition exudes restrained elegance and has left us wanting more

Several photos of a customized iPhone X have surfaced online in the last couple of days which has really gotten us intrigued. Why? Because of the logo on the back; it’s an iPhone X Bentley Edition! Going by the images that have appeared online, it’s a limited edition version restricted to only 100 examples and made by Geneva-based customizers Golden Ace. What’s strange is that there is absolutely no information available anywhere on this customized version of the Apple’s latest flagship smartphone; not even on Golden Ace’s official website. We can only speculate that either all the 100 handsets were sold to select clients or these custom iPhones have been made for a specific upcoming limited edition Bentley; maybe for a special edition Bentayga, who knows?

The customized iPhone X in the photos is serial number 19 out of 100 and is in all black with gold accents and motifs. Interestingly, the Apple logo on the glass backplate of the phone has been replaced by a big Bentley insignia; in fact, there is no Apple branding on the back at all. Visually, it might be one of our favorite customized versions of the iPhone X thanks to its elegantly-done styling. That’s all we know about the iPhone X Bentley Edition as of now. Maybe, Golden Ace might release more information in coming few days.


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