This Tesla Model P Smartphone concept pays an ode to the brand’s iconic vehicles

Elon Musk is known for his disruptive visionary; he has spent the last two decades achieving the unthinkable and completely transforming several industries singlehandedly, including automobiles and space. The innovator, however, has never publically commented on his intention to get into the already-saturated smartphone manufacturing business. But imagine what if Musk announced his next project is to create the perfect smartphone that focuses on both form and function. While it might never happen, designer Martin Hajek has come up with what can be best described as a glimpse of what a Tesla smartphone might look like if Elon Musk decided to create a connected device for his electric cars. The Netherlands-based industrial designer’s portfolio has many interesting concepts which include the recent Citroen eCV concept car.

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The conceptual Tesla Model P smartphone, as one would predict, sports a very sculptural design evoking the aesthetics of Tesla cars. Featuring a glossy red finish on the back, a spine-like fin that runs from the top to bottom of the device is a nod to Tesla’s instantly recognizable design DNA. The carbon fiber speaker grill adds sportiness to the device, while the notch for the front camera is quite unique and resembles a Tesla Model S / X front grille. Instead of a boxy shape, the smartphone has a rounded design similar to Tesla cars and the display is also curved on the edges. All in all, the Tesla Model P Smartphone concept looks premium and is nothing like the current crop of handsets on sale in the market. But the question is will Elon ever decide to disrupt the smartphone business?

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