Valets are passé – London’s Gatwick airport to get autonomous robots that will park the car for you

AI is the next big thing and there is no denying it. And while we can’t have machines do all our jobs, at least we can have them take care of the mundane and hassle-causing ones such as finding parking spots and maneuvering our cars over to the ones at all found! Hearing us right out is London’s Gatwick airport that may soon have AI-fueled Robot valets park your cars for you! Yes, you read that right!

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As part of an application to Crawley Borough Council, the Gatwick airport authorities expressed an interest to initiate a “robotic car park pilot project” in April 2019 in an ode to “optimize the existing car park areas” at its South Terminal long stay car park. As part of the pilot, Robots will latch themselves to cars and drive them over to their designated vehicle cabins with doors. This will essentially require customers to book in their cars using a touchscreen kiosk on arrival, an electronic system which will also facilitate easy pick-up once they return back to the airport.

The project has already roped in French company Stanley Robotics to supply its “Stan” droids for the Gatwick pilot, which have already been used at France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport as well as the Dusseldorf Airport for a similar robotic valet service since 2015. If all goes as planned, you may soon be able to board your flight at Gatwick without having to worry about finding the right parking spot for your car! Oh, how I love AI!


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