Vertu Signature Touch Alligator collection will now come in two new versions

When it comes to luxury handmade mobile phones, Vertu is the name that screens our minds first. A pure perfectionist in its domain, the luxury mobile devices manufacturer recently introduced an all-new alligator collection for the brand’s superlative Signature touch smartphones. Mobile devices as perfect as the signature touch series deserve a pretty phenomenal wrapping and the alligator collection fits the bill to the tee.

Specially crafted by a French tannery, the alligator editions offer an agile, matt look and wear-resistant finish that seamlessly encase each smartphone. The collection comes in five variants including – Jet Alligator (Black), Pure Navy Alligator(Navy Blue), and Clous De Paris Alligator(Steel Grey) and the newly introduced – Almond Alligator(Tan) and Cocoa Alligator(Brown) alternatives. While each of the pieces in the new addition boast of a 130-carat sapphire crystal screen for high definition virtual quality, brushed and polished titanium coated sides and a hardened black ceramic pillow, the Cocoa, Navy, and Jet version additionally include matching titanium PVD coated plates on the back with the Clous De Paris featuring exclusive polished titanium detailing along with the standard functions.
The Signature Series also offers its own options in standard leather, lizard skin print, and calf leather, however, the alligator skin is the most eye-catchy and clearly a luxury staple. Since each of the Vertu devices are specially hand-curated, each may differ slightly from the other. But for such high- class precision, custom-made touches, and outstanding finishing, who really cares?

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