$250 for a shot? Louis XIII the maker of the one of the worlds most expensive cognac has unveiled a decanter that will be served only at the world’s most elite nightclubs

If you’re a party person and are likely to visit one of the elite nightclubs of the world, you’re in for some luck! Louis XIII has recently launched the Ultra-Rare Read Decanter N°XIII, which will exclusively be made available in select locations across the globe.

The rare N°XIII experience is limited to one decanter per club per night, which means that only 0.0000038361% of people worldwide will have the chance to experience the rare cognac. The individually numbered N°XIII red crystal decanter comes with six tailored red crystal glasses on a tray, made in collaboration with Saint‐Louis, the oldest glass manufacturer in Europe.

The luxe decanter further features the LOUIS XIII signature dentelle spikes and a palladium neck and is blown, cut, decorated, and engraved by hand. To make the experience all the more premium, the cognac is served using a special cognac pipette or the Spear to prolong the drop‐by‐drop service ritual.

To order the N°XIII Experiences, connoisseurs will need to log on to LOUIS XIII Society – a private members club for owners of LOUIS XIII Cognac decanters or visit any one of the select nightclubs wherein a LOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador will arrange the unique rendezvous for them. As the press release of the N°XIII reads, “Time is the raw material of LOUIS XIII and N°XIII allows the brand to explore a whole new expression of time.”

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