Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac raises a toast to its 200 year history in the U.S.

Cognac connoisseurs ahoy! I mean, ahem. Ma’am, Sir, would you like a slug of Hennessy? Swiveling smoothly, circling the surface of that glass bottom till the tempting allure of its aroma pierces the air, and the penetrating liquid touches your lips! And simmers on your tongue to slither down, into the deepest darkest, innermost brandy-savoring recesses of you. The charms of the cognac are abundant and basking in this enticement is the Paradis Imperial. This blend of the finest eaux-de-vie is the latest offering to the States by Hennessy.

Two hundred years later, Hennessy is paying tribute to its first delivery with the release of Paradis Imperial. The exceptional eaux-de-vie, which represents less than 1% of the eaux-de-vie of a given vintage at the original selection, are between 30 to 130 years old and are matured with individual care in classic casks before being used or poured into “Dames-Jeannes.” After this mellowing method, only one out of 1000 eaux-de-vie of a given vintage becomes part of the Paradis Imperial blend. The result is the rarest-of-Cognacs with finishing notes that are elegantly delicate and lasting at once. Says Hennessy Head of Tasting Committee and Master Blender, Yann Fillioux, “Paradis Imperial is an exceptional offering generations in the making.”

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The prestigious Paradis Imperial boasts a subtle sophistication with hints of jasmine, orange blossom and other flowery notes spiced with smoky accents. And comes in an exquisite decanter designed by award-winning, Stephanie Balini. The bottle’s stunning silhouette beams with the crowning glory of a crystal cabochon that tops the 18-carat gold and silver collar. Each bottle of Hennessy Paradis Imperial is encased in a luxury gift box. It is available at an average price of $2,700 giving people a chance to partake in the Hennessy heritage. The release of this marvelous marque marks two centuries of its story steeped in refinement and antiquity.

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