Hennessey upgrades the lightning fast McLaren MP4-12C to go even faster

Hennessey Performance Engineering made some big news this year when they were able to topple the hallowed Bugatti Veyron from being the world’s fastest production car. The euphoria was short-lived but the Texan company broke into big league. And they are back with another fire-breathing, asphalt ripping monster. The latest to get the Hennessey treatment is McLaren MP4-12C and we all know it’s not a mild machine. But the folks at Hennessey possess the magic to make insanely fast machines even faster.

The performance upgraded MP4-12C kit has been named HPE700 which has been tuned to produce 704 HP and 538 pound-feet of torque. The original 12C can produce 618 HP, and this additional 86 HP is achieved through an engine management software upgrade, intercooler upgrade, new stainless steel exhaust system, and dual air induction filters. The HPE700 does the 0-60 mph run in 2.8 seconds and will sprint through the quarter-mile in just 10.3 seconds.

Most of the other parts have been kept in stock, including the interior and the exterior of the MP4-12C, except a few Hennessey badges and numbered plaques. There is no official confirmation on the pricing, but some unofficial sources say that the company is charging $19,500 for the kit, excluding the sticker price of a stock McLaren MP4-12C.










[Via – Hennessey]

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