Billionaires take note – Hennessey is working on a ridiculously fast 6-wheeled electric hypercar that will seat four, pack 2400 horsepower, cost $3 million, and will smash a few world records.

American tuning house Hennessey Performance Engineering has been around for three decades, creating high-performance modification kits for muscle cars and trucks. However, the Texas-based company gained recognition across the world after setting a world speed record with the Venom GT hypercar in 2010. In the last ten years, Hennessey Performance has introduced several different offerings and is in no mood to slow down. In fact, the company has plans to create three brand-new cars over the next decade, starting with an electric hypercar dubbed Project Deep Space. None of Hennessey Performance’s creations conform to the conventional norms but the Project Deep Space takes madness to a whole new level.

John Hennessey – Via – Hennessey

One of the biggest highlights of the all-electric hypercar is its unusual wheel layout. We have seen several different automobiles with six wheels, including the famous Mercedes-AMG G 63 6×6. Rather Hennessey Performance also has a 6×6 conversion kit for the F150 Raptor, but the idea has never been applied on a low-slung supercar. What that means is that Project Deep Space might very well be the world’s first 6-wheeled hypercar. The powertrain details have not been revealed by Hennessey Performance, but the expected total output figure is said to be around 2400 horsepower. The company also claims that all the six wheels will be powered by individual electric motors, giving the hypercar unmatched traction. We might actually get to see a production car that could go on to break many world records.

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As of now, Hennessey Performance has only released a set of sketches of the Project Deep Space, which reveals a sleek longtail body meant for a higher top speed. The electric hypercar also gets two massive gullwing doors, which kind of looks good with the overall design of the Project Deep Space. The cabin design of the hypercar is just as unorthodox as the rest of the car. Instead of the traditional 2+2 seating, the EV has a 1+2+1 layout which has never been seen before. Just like the McLaren F1, the driver’s seat is set in set in the center with two passenger seats placed slightly behind on both sides. However, there’s a fourth seat directly behind the driver. Called the Very Very Important Person (VVIP) seat by Hennessey, the design sketches tell us that it will be a comfortable captain’s chair that will be capable of reclining completely like the first-class seats in an aircraft. I can’t resist but compare Hennessey’s 6-wheeled hypercar with the Koenigsegg Gemera. Although the Swedish hyper GT is a hybrid with a three-cylinder combustion engine, the cabin can seat four full-sized adults. Maybe, this might point towards a new era of more practical hypercars in the future.

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Nathan Malinick – Director of Design at Hennessey.

Other details revealed by the American company states that the Project Deep Space will also offer unmatched luggage space. The frunk will have enough space to fit four pieces of carry-on luggage, while the cargo space in the boot will have space for four sets of golf clubs. Hennessey says the electric hypercar will have a carbon-fiber chassis and body panels, while the cabin will feature top-shelf materials along with the option for customers to select bespoke specs. If everything goes according to plan, Project Deep Space will enter production in 2026 at Hennessey’s factory in Sealy, Texas. The company will sell only 105 examples of the wild hypercar with a price tag of $3 million apiece.

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