A restaurant in Courcheval serves up delicious food at 7000 feet!

Snow covered Courcheval in the French Alps seems to have become the place to be this season! First the town became home to AirBNB’s coolest new listing and now we’re hearing talk of a restaurant that offers delicious French meals at an altitude of 7000 feet! Called Cave des Creux, the restaurant is most easily accessible by skis and serves mouthwatering delicacies like onion soup, risotto with truffles and Breton oysters. But the restaurant wasn’t always a gourmet hotspot, it used to be nothing more than a simple cheese aging hut and an old one at that. It was only last year that a pair of Ski Instructor brothers discovered the site and converted it into an A frame building. After much convincing the duo got Chef Daniel Thibault to take the reins of the kitchen, preparing hearty and delicious meals at an altitude of 7,000 feet.

cave-des-creux-5The restaurant may be at a height, but fresh ingredients are carried to it every day on snowmobiles. The restaurant also boasts a wine list that includes a few grand cru Bordeaux and a 1995 Château. The restaurant’s dining area gives diners a panoramic view of Courchevel Moriond, Courchevel 1850 and even the famous Mont Blanc.

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cave-des-creux-4Cave des Creux is open from the beginning of December to the end of April.


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