At $180 a bowl a Manhattan restaurant creates the world’s most expensive ramen

The word “ramen” usually conjures up images of broke college students with no cooking skills in our minds. But as it turn out, ramen can be pretty gourmet when it’s made by the right people. Japanese iron Chef Yuji Wakiya is serving up some pretty exclusive noodles-in-broth in his Manhattan restaurant KOA, and each bowl is priced at an eye watering $180.

So what goes into this high-end bowl of goodness? For starters, some pretty high quality meat. The restaurant uses Japanese Kobe Wagyu (Kobe beef) steaks that are imported from Japan and grilled-to-order on Binchotan (white charcoal) grills. The meat is topped with truffles and 24 carat gold leaf and Shantan broth. Shantan broth is not your average shop bought stock, this brew is made from a combination of pork, chicken, dried shrimp, dried scallop, and dried Konbu seaweed. The dish also includes seasonal white and green asparagus.

KOA’s ramen is affordable as a one-time luxury, but it’s still managed to dethrone Chef Shoichi Fujimaki’s ramen in Tokyo which previously held the title of most expensive ramen at $120 a bowl. With a price tag below $200, it’s still affordable for many people to treat themselves, as long as you’re not bathing in it that is.

[ Via : Maxim ]

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