Only in Japan – You can take a bath in Ramen noodles for that peaches and cream complexion

So, you have heard of people bathing in milk and honey and wine and whatever else in search for that secret ingredient that can do wonders for the skin, the latest in that list are Ramen noodles !

When you think of that flawless skin tone and complexion the Japanese are the first that come to mind. Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, a south- eastern town in Japan, is now offering Ramen baths for its clients. The bath contains Ramen pork broth which has collagen and synthetic noodles and is believed to greatly enhance your metabolism and improve the skin. Patrons dip themselves into these bathtubs and expose their bodies to tons and tons of collagen.

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The Japanese are known to come up with innovative ways to get just that beautiful, perfect skin. They are known to be the ones who introduced the world to the benefits of collagen on skin.

[Via – Grub Street]

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