Bombay Sapphire joins forces with visual artist Hebru Brantley for a limited edition gin bottle

‘Gin and Tonic’ just got a whole new upgrade! In twisting things around, renowned gin manufacturer – Bombay Sapphire recently collaborated with Hebru Brantley on a limited-edition designer bottle. The Chicago-based contemporary artist was roped in by the marquee to create the brand’s first-ever artist-designed bottle for North America.

The reimagined bottle features distinct “Afro-futuristic” motifs that are mainly inspired by Brantley’s early passion for street art. As part of the design, eclectic sketches from the neck of the bottle extend into an appealing mirrored portrait, highlighted in contrasting pastel hues and dark colors. Within the artwork, one can also find recognizable superhero caricatures and symbols of royalty seamlessly embedded with the co-branded logos.

Commenting on his work, Brantley in a statement said, “I wanted the design to inspire hope for a better future and shine light on the courage and resilience of Black people in America,” He further added, “There are very few examples of Black prominence in fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and hero-type stories. That’s one of the reasons I created and continue to highlight strong heroic characters in my work, including on this bottle. We hardly ever see ourselves as protagonists and I want to continue putting work into the world that resembles our community.”

Bombay Sapphire’s Limited-Edition Hebru Brantley-commissioned edition will be available across the US onward July 1.

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