Bugatti’s high-tech champagne bottle case uses technology found in orbiting satellites to cool your bubbly. Made from 314 individual sheets of carbon fiber, it uses 15 high-end fans to circulate air in the case.

We’ll have to wait for at least a few more years before Bugatti introduces its next hypercar that will replace the Chiron, which is soon going to reach the end of its production run. However, the iconic French automaker in the meantime, has revealed something equally beautiful and technically complex. Bugatti has partnered with Champagne Carbon to introduce something called the “La Bouteille Sur Mesure.” It comes a year after the manufacturer revealed the one-of-one ‘La Bouteille Noire’, a 15-liter bottle of Champagne Carbon vintage housed within a sculptural case inspired by the Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

The La Bouteille Noire’s case took more than 150 hours to build and featured 314 individual sheets of carbon fiber. The new La Bouteille Sur Mesure uses the same technology and hand-crafted process to make.

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It consists of three items: a Bugatti-inspired sculptural case, a Champagne Carbon hand-crafted carbon fiber bottle, and the finest champagne. What makes the new La Bouteille Sur Mesure truly unique is that each element can be tailored to the customer’s preference. It is inspired by the near-limitless personalization options of Bugatti’s bespoke ‘Sur Mesure’ service and offers the same level of craftsmanship.

“These highly individualized and luxurious bottles will be the perfect match to every customer’s hyper sports car,” said Wiebke Ståhl, Bugatti International’s managing director. “It is so interesting watching Alexandre Mea and Champagne Carbon generating inspiration from whatever we do at Bugatti – be it the design, the technology, or the materials we use.” The exterior of the case is designed in the shape of a Bugatti hypercar and customers can choose between the Chiron, Divo, Mistral, or Bolide, giving them the option to match it with their own Bugatti. The buyers will also get the option to get the world’s first photoluminescent forged carbon fiber bottle.

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Another highlight of the La Bouteille Sur Mesure is the optional automatic solid-state thermodynamic cooling cell – a technology that’s used by satellites orbiting our planet. It works in tandem with 14 high-end fans circulating cool air within the case, which ensures the champagne is kept at the perfect temperature. There’s no word on the pricing but it’s surely not going to be cheap.

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