Overlooking the earth virtually – Disney’s upcoming fine dine restaurant promises an unforgettable meal among the stars. You will take a space elevator to reach there.

With the opening date of Disney’s new Star Wars hotel in Orlando approaching, we can’t contain our enthusiasm. Of all the exciting experiences that await us all, the one that will be explored first is the highly-anticipated Space 220 restaurant in mid-September. Who said all you can do under a blanket of stars is a kiss or sleep? High-time we broke the cliches with one favorite activity- eating! The exquisite Space 220 restaurant gives us mortals a chance to devour excellent meals in the company of our family coupled with spectacular views.

You can’t get enough of the stunning vistas that are uninterrupted and thoroughly enjoyable, owing to the large picture windows. The large windows allow you to enjoy the same space spectacle that astronauts see from the International Space Station. The restaurant is placed next to the Mission: SPACE attraction at the EPCOT theme park in Florida, and one of its most prominent highlights is the first-ever space elevator. The place is dubbed Space 220 owing to the altitude at which the ISS circles Earth.

Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley shared, “Beginning with a trip in the first-ever space elevator, travel 220 miles above the Earth at this new restaurant.” In his video, you will find the dining area overlooking Planet Earth virtually, giving off the feeling of enjoying a delicious meal from the planet’s orbit.

Riddley added, “Space 220 is a perfect addition to EPCOT continuing our legacy of original storytelling — fantastical experiences rooted in real science and designed with a range of world-class experts that makes you wonder “how’d they do that?!” This place is out of the world for more reasons than its setting and incomparable views. The eatery boasts over 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines and a wide selection of craft beer.

Yes, you will be transported to a dazzling world of internationally-inspired cuisine, but not without a short trip. Riddle described the incredible feeling and said, “This space elevator experience is our generation’s entry into this rich legacy of inspiration that will define the future of EPCOT and a perfect addition to World Discovery!”s

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