Dolce & Gabbana has partnered with a renowned Sicilian bakery for limited edition sweet treats in designer tins

It’s amazing how Dolce & Gabbana wonderfully captures the essence of Sicily, Italy’s largest island replete with exceptional beaches, charming villages, and towns, as well as an abundance of ancient ruins and archaeological sites. No wonder it’s a treasure chest of inspiration that D&G certainly knows how to tap. What smells like heaven is a collaboration between the ever-creative Dolce & Gabbana and the confectionery artistry of Fiasconaro; yes they are back with the collection of vibrant collectible tins containing a unique recipe, the typical Milanese panettone. These precious tins contain a burst of flavor thanks to the ‘made in Italy’ recipes inside like Glazed Chestnuts and Gianduia Panettone, Sicilian Pistachio Panettone, Citrus, and Saffron Panettone. What’s not to relish about the coming together of chestnut cream and a chocolate glaze? A permanent member in the Fiasconaro catalog available in 1kg is just the thing you need for the upcoming holiday. With Sicilian Pistachio Panettone one gets to enjoy the eternally appealing combination of white chocolate and pistachios that can be savored with a jar of velvety pistachio cream with a gold-colored spreader. The Sicilian Pistachio Panettone is available in the 1 kg size (800 g and 200 g of cream) and in the brand new 600 g format (500 g and 100 g of cream). a soft dough, pieces of candied lemon, orange, and mandarin combined with the goodness of saffron is what makes the Citrus and Saffron Panettoneso irresistible. It comes in three sizes (1 kg, 500 g, and 100 g).

If you love to indulge in some flavored creams then Sicilian pistachio, almond, and chocolate creams come in 200gm packs that can be purchased separately. Each panettone is hand wrapped and comes presented in a limited-edition Dolce & Gabbana traditional Sicilian motif tin and gift bag for $60. Your love for high-quality food now comes in a 1kg panettone also available to purchase with a decorated tray. Like the tins, these trays too make for wonderful collector’s items.

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