Ever wondered what a luxury jelly shop would be like? Harrods has made one

Wedding cakes are passé. Instead why not try out a fancy stand of colourful jellies of myriad shapes. Your guests would be amused, and the kids will keep entertained. If it’s an all-adult party, infuse some alcohol and have a blast. This is possible all thanks to the masters of food architecture – Bompas and Parr. You remember their chocolate waterfall, don’t you? Sheer magnificence

The Jelly Parlous of Wonders is set up at the Harrods store in Knightsbridge, London, and is slated as the best jelly stall in the world. Hard to argue with that because here you will find jelly in a range of fascinating and intriguing shapes. Like the Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral or Brighton Pavilion. They are made using specially-crafted, ‘bespoke moulds’ from the house of Bompas and Parr. The company dreamed of this ever since they opened nine years ago, “with explicit aim to have a jelly stall”, and have finally made it a reality.
The stall is set up at Harrods’ Food Hall and features a range of “quirky” flavours including rose and pistachio ribband blancmange, marbled cardamom blancmange, Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve whiskey, yellowgage plums and Harrods Riesling as well as Champagne with summer fruits and a violet elderflower set with fresh blueberries. I haven’t even heard of some of the exotic seasonal fresh fruit that are used like elderflower. , summer fruits and, or the cocktail jellies like spiced plum and red wine, or violet and gold or absinthe and lime. The options are plenty.
f you are in London, or live there, this is something you can possibly not miss this grandeur.

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