A five ton chocolate waterfall by Bompas & Parr stuns chocoholics in London

Now, I have seen it all. A chocolate waterfall from where you can collect the elixir of life (chocolate). This could really be what heaven must be like. For this Easter, patrons at Bompas & Parr had a treat of their life with a five-ton chocolate waterfall in the middle of Whiteleys Shopping Center in London. Guests had to wait their turn to be donned in plastic parkas and sanitized their hands before walking into an eerie blue room and witnessed the waterfall. Apparently, an enormous quantity of chocolate filled an entire room and cascaded through the waterfall with a flow rate of 12,000 liters per hour. Visitors also got the chance to take home bottles of their own warm chocolate from the falls to make elixirs at home. What an exciting time to be in the UK these days… chocolate waterfalls, royal weddings, and all.

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