Saved by his $3.5 million Bugatti – Kuwaiti playboy escaped unharmed from a dangerous attempt to steal his $130,000 Rolex.

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Abdullah F. Al Basman, a Kuwaiti millionaire, was ambushed in broad daylight for his Rolex watch. The incident shows how far one would go for a Rolex timepiece. There is a well-known shortage of Swiss luxury watches worldwide, and getting hands on even a second-hand piece can land one a sweet deal in return. Perhaps with that in mind, moped-mounted bandits, hammer-in-hand, tried to steal the expensive timepiece by smashing the window of the black Bugatti Chiron hypercar.

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The millionaire staying at the Berkeley Hotel sported a nearly $130k Platinum Rolex Daytona watch while driving around London in an eye-catching Bugatti Chiron. According to witnesses, the muggers followed him around before carrying out the assault near Park Lane.

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A witness shared with The Sun, “The moped thieves were at the hotel this morning, and staff told them to get off the pavement. When Abdullah left in the Bugatti, they started following him all the way to Hyde Park Corner. One beeped their horn which I assume was the signal to start attacking. I assume they were waiting for a junction they knew would have a long red light so they had time to attack them.” Despite the bold attempt in broad daylight, including hammering the window of his luxury motor, the thieves managed to loot nothing. The Kuwaiti millionaire sped off, and the thieves took off in a different direction.

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Who is Abdullah F. Al Basman?
This Kuwaiti playboy has a reputation for posting photos of his sports cars and bling. No wonder the thieves thought of him as an easy target. Thanks to social media, they already know about half the things he owns. With less than 9000 followers on Instagram and barely 22 posts, Basman isn’t exactly famous. But that doesn’t stop him from flaunting his wealth; on social media. From trips to Monaco, Paris, and London to showing off his Bugatti supercars, Hermes watch, and swanky lifestyle, the millionaire, doesn’t shy away.

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