Fine dining or eating like cave-men? This Tokyo restaurant is blurring the lines between the two

You might have heard of the paleo or Paleolithic diet which aims to help you lose weight and get healthy by eating like our cave dwelling ancestors did. While the diet served an inspiration to many, it was the dwelling that inspired Tokyo-based architect Ryoji Iedokoro.

He has designed a restaurant called Nikunotoriko located in Tokyo’s Roppongi district which seems to reference a cave home.

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On the first floor a special glass has been used to give the interior the look and feel of stone.

The 6.5-meter glass table has swirling patterns that resemble smoke.

Meanwhile on the second floor, laminated OSB panels give the floor the look of rippled sand.

A “jungle” of pipes and greenery give the top floor an outdoor feel.

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Guests are on cushions on the floor, around low tables.

The name of the restaurant translates to “under the spell of meat” and the restaurant serves premium grilled meat – a fitting menu for the cave like interior.