Louis Vuitton has opened a restaurant with Michelin-starred chef Mory Sacko in the heart of Saint-Tropez

Louis Vuitton is expanding its horizons to hospitality. And its latest foray is a luxe restaurant in partnership with Michelin-starred chef Mory Sacko. It is located in the heart of Saint-Tropez will roll out novel culinary experiences to guests unlike ever before.

Situated at the White 1921 Hotel, the vibrant and modern restaurant will boast African and Japanese influences combined with the savoir-faire of French cuisine. The global menu is crafted with utmost precision and features around forty covers from lunch to dinner.

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Delicacies on offer include ekiben, the famous Japanese meal tray found at stations and on trains, a tapas menu, and traditional plate service, Egg ‘misonnaise’, vegetarian aubergine tacos, a selection of grilled amberjack, crayfish, prime rib, rich tagines presented in ceramic dishes, accompanied by raw fennel and mango salad, plantain spiced with smoked paprika and more.

Décor-wise, the restaurant does a splendid job too. It comes adorned with Monogram flowers and specially redesigned Objets Nomades and presents a Mediterranean feel with fresh air and light flowing in. Its idyllic location on the iconic Place des Lices further brings in the seaside charm along with the peace and quiet that compliments the setup.

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The restaurant Mory Sacko at Louis Vuitton will open doors to the public at Place des Lices, 83990 Saint-Tropez, from Thursday, June 17th, 2022. Ready for a luxe gastronomic experience?

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