Louis XIII has unveiled The Drop: a 10 ml bottle of cognac for the Gen-Z that costs $180.

If you’re at a hip party, it’s quite unlikely for you to reach out for a glass of cognac. However, in making the spirit cool like the rest of its counterparts (think champagne and whiskey), Louis XIII is here with The Drop – a novel way for today’s spirit loving folks to enjoy a drink.

The new edition is presented as a centiliter or a 10 ml bottle that is filled with the luxe Louis XIII Cognac. It can be carried in the pocket as a stylish miniature or can instead be hung around the neck in a cool fashion statement of sorts.

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The Drop comes as a single unit or as a collection of five (Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth, and Bright) with different colored caps and shoulder straps. Each chosen hue represents the unique universe of Louis XIII and allows you to flaunt your best.

Ideal for the generation that is always on the go, the miniature bottles further come in a leather case of their own. They are also perfect for gifting purposes and can be purchased online on the marquee’s official website. Care to up your drinking game in true Gen-Z style?

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