Louis XIII pays tribute to Paris with this special $7,600 bottle of cognac

History is intriguing and amazingly enough; it’s most discussed over a few rounds of the finest cognacs. Speaking of cognacs, there was a very spectacular one exhibited in the city of love, Paris way back in 1900. The Expo 2020 world fair that will be hosted in Dubai come October, was The Paris World Fair in 1900 where Louis XIII, was showcased by cognac producer Paul-Emile Remy Martin, who was an active member of the Paris Universal Exposition jury. Even then, among some 83,000 exhibitors of the world, the Louis XIII cognac earned high praise on the merits of its quality and exclusivity. In order to celebrate that moment today, the House of Remy Martin created Louis XIII Time Collection: Tribute to City of Lights – 1900. The cognac is limited to 2,000 numbered decanters only. Of course, there are a few renovations in the decanters like it features 13 dentelle spikes instead of the usual 10, a stopper in the form of an upturned decanter, an elegant neck and seven fleurs-de-lys decorated in 18K champagne gold and is hand-blown by Hermes-owned crystal manufacturer Saint-Louis.

The glorious past is celebrated with a fancy futuristic take- the latest edition of Louis XIII sees the stopper’s cork embedded with an NFC chip. This has several benefits like the product authenticity is guaranteed, access to the Louis XIII Society, comprising of a private club with exclusive content, unique experiences, and personalized services and best of all, you can send a message of love or congratulatory wishes to the receiver. The LOUIS XIII Time Collection II is now available through direct sales from the House, for $10,600.

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