New York now sells the most expensive cup of coffee in the United States

Coffee lovers like myself wouldn’t mind spending big bucks on a perfectly divine cup of brown. But if it $ 18 per cup we are talking about, even the most ardent in our lot would be compelled to think twice. We are speaking of a new-fangled and pricey brew that is currently being offered by Extraction Lab – a novel coffee shop on the block. While NYC carries an infamous repute for presenting even the humblest of foods (and drinks) at bizarrely heavy prices, this recently opened café certainly wins top spot for offering the most opulent coffee ever known to the Americans!

Located in Industry city in Sunset Park, the plush café also doubles up as the headquarters of Alpha Dominche, the company behind the uber-fancy “steampunk” machine. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Steampunk is an ultra-high-end “full-immersion, single-cup, semi-automated vacuum brewer” for coffee and tea. The revered machine which was quirkily described by Bedford and Bowery as “a cross between a French press and a draft beer tap” can also be operated via an iPad app and is designed to combine all the elements of drip, French press, and espresso brewing.

While a dual set of the Steampunk alone costs up to $13,900, the Extraction Lab houses eight of these machines in the shop alone. Further, if you do not (and cannot) wish to be pleasing robbed off $18 for a cup of coffee, the café also offers humble cappuccinos for $3 each. To catch up on all the hype and sample the most expensive cup of coffee in the States (if your pocket so permits), you know where you need to head!

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