At $3,333, this sundae is yet the second most expensive ice cream ever!

While your street Haagen Dazs may serve a scoop for less than $5, Three Twins Ice Cream’s sundae has earned a tag of the second most expensive ice-cream in the world; and if you are shelling out about $3,333, there better be a great reason why! Of course, you would be the first one to order it just yet.

If you happen to stumble upon Neil Gottlieb’s small chain in Northern California, here’s what you can expect as part of this exotic sundae; three scoops of organic ice cream, an organic banana and a trio of syrups made from extraordinary — and of course, pricey — dessert wines: a vintage Port from the 1960s; a fabled Chateau D’yquem from the Sauternes region of southwestern France; and a German Trockenbeerenauslese.

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While the dessert itself is simply spectacular, it’s certainly the experience that perks it up! While a cellist creates the ideal atmopshere, an 1850’s spoon graces the occasion. The $3,333 dessert is more of a marketing strategy and a third of the price would be donated towards the needy.

North California may have earned this title, but only a few months back, a cafe in Dubai had crafted the most expensive scoop!

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