Only in Dubai – You can indulge in burrata coated with 22k edible gold

Do you plan your day around food? I do, and now I intend to plan my next international trip around food too. Specifically speaking, a 22kt Gold Sheikh Burrata that’s stealing hearts and inducing massive cravings in people visiting Italian restaurant FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai. The 22kt Gold Sheikh Burrata dish comprises a 250g portion of burrata served alongside tomatoes, rocket, and truffle. It is fully coated in edible gold and is enough to make two to four people incredibly satisfied yet wanting a lot more. The dish roughly goes inside your tummy for $55, and Cinque revealed it serves approximately ten of the dishes a month. The story of how this 22kt burrata dish came into existence is also fascinating; Chef Giuseppe wanted to impress a VIP guest who was a regular at Cinque and always ordered a burrata. To make things exciting, the chef decided to create something different to get a wow reaction and enters- the sought-after 22-karat gold burrata comprising 250 grams of mouthwatering burrata from Puglia, Italy, served with rocket, the juiciest tomatoes, and truffle and topped with a completely edible 22 karat gold leaf.

Cheese lovers book a one-way ticket to Dubai and revel in the amazement that is this 22kt Gold Sheikh Burrata dish. Head to Cinque, set on the ground floor of the popular party hotel on the Palm Jumeirah to make all your cheesy dreams come true.

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[Via: Hotelier Middle East]

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