Paris Airport welcomes ‘I Love Paris’, its first Michelin-star offering

Airports have come a long way from serving cold, stale food or buy-and-fly favorites McDonalds to now dishing out a Michelin star gourmet specials.

Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport recently welcomed a new Michelin star restaurant called “I Love Paris” in Terminal 2E, served by French Michelin three-star chef Guy Martin. The new high-end restaurant, designed by India Mahdavi who drew on the Palais Royal for inspiration, will only be accessible to passengers flying to destinations in the US or Asia. The restaurant which opened this week aims to lure more travelers to fly via Paris – in the city or even at the Paris airport.
Keeping in mind its location in an airport, the restaurant will feature a Ruinart Champagne Bar, open from 9am to 11pm, a main dining area serving contemporary French cuisine including favorites like steak with béarnaise sauce and fries, pot-au-feu and Blanquette de veal en cocotte, mango and blue lobster carpaccio, roasted monkfish and fillet of duckling and the Miyou sandwich bar which offers faster, lighter fare like tapas and hamburgers. The cheapest menu combination will cost €30 or $33.

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Charles de Gaulle is not the first airport to raise its dining options as many airports have been rolling out high-end restaurants including Heathrow, which boasts restaurants by both Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.

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