Ralph Lauren opens his own coffee shop in New York! Designer coffee anyone?

On the heels of his much hyped 4D fashion show, comes the announcement that America’s favorite designer is diversifying his business, taking his creative mind in a brand new direction. Ralph Lauren has opened up a coffee shop on the second floor of his Fifth Avenue Polo flagship store! Fashionistas in New York will be delighted to learn that they can easily grab a quick caffeine fix while searching for that perfect Fall outfit without ever having to leave the store!

Decorated in the classic American style that is synonymous with Lauren’s brand, the café boasts elegant white interiors offset by polished wood details. Interiors enthusiasts will notice the mosaic white floor, vaulted ceilings, marble tabletops, antique chairs, hand-hewn wooden benches and the artisanal lighting.

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The café will serve Ralph Lauren’s private coffee blends made from beans grown organically in Central and South America as well as Africa. Snacks, teas, juices and sweet treats will also be on offer. For the souvenir savvy, mugs, caps and t-shirts bearing the green and white Ralph’s Coffee logo will be on sale.

While we generally are of the opinion that designers should stick to what they’re good at, we can’t fault the logic of this new business direction. New York is arguably the coffee capital of the USA and is filled with bloggers, fashion journalists, editors and models who will be sure to frequent a designer café. We’re sure that in time we’ll be seeing quite a few fashion meetings happening at this joint. We’re hoping Ralph manages to set the precedent for future designer/food/catering ventures. We’d be really pleased to get our cold pressed juices at a Louis Vuitton juice bar or try a French inspired menu at a Dior restaurant!

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