Ruinart enlists French sculptor Eva Jospin for the 2023 Carte Blanche commission, showcasing terroir-inspired artwork.

Ruinart is back with art, artists, and champagne. This year the Maison roped in Ecole Nationale de Beaux Arts de Paris graduate Eva Jospin. Together, the stalwarts have gifted connoisseurs Promenades en Champagne an exceptional work featuring high-reliefs, drawings, and embroideries that blend perfectly in telling the story of the Maison. The French sculptor does complete justice to the “Carte Blanche” honor bestowed on her this year. Jospin weaves magic with her constructions, making it hard to believe the creation is made of plain corrugated cardboard. Her sculpture features the recurring forest motif comprising trunks, branches, and twigs.

Eva Jospin

The artist conceded to being inspired by the richness of the Champagne terroir, which resulted in an intricate installation exploring a variety of textures and light. The Carte Blanche installation, dubbed the Carmontelle, fosters different places visited, by the sculptor, from the Ruinart chalk cellars and vineyards to the neighboring forest. “The history, geography, culture, and amazing savoir-faire of this region define a terroir, and that’s what really inspired me. My proposition for this Carte Blanche takes form in a sculptural décor that celebrates this landscape,” shared Eva Jospin.

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Jeroboam Blanc de Blancs Limited Edition by Eva Jospin

Frédéric Dufour, President of Maison Ruinart, stated, “The landscape of Champagne is unique in its verticality, encompassing subterranean cellars and quarries and hillsides covered by vineyards. This unique character is what led UNESCO to recognize the terroir as a World Heritage site. Eva Jospin’s artistic creations for Ruinart spotlight these different strata of the Champagne region.”

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The artist extends her talent to 25 limited edition pieces centered on a Jeroboam of Ruinart’s signature Blanc de Blancs cuvée. The custom-made wooden box looks lovely with leather straps, housing a minuscule crayère scene sculpted in layers of cardboard. The bottle is cradled in this landscape. The Blanc de Blancs cuvée enthralls aficionados with citrusy notes and velvety texture. Eva Jospin’s extraordinary work can be glimpsed at the Carreau du Temple, Paris.

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