The love of art and food comes together at the New Tokyo Gallery which transforms into a Michelin-star restaurant at night

Ask anyone who has taken to cooking this year that cooking food is an art. It takes skill, a good sense of taste, and surely is as therapeutic as the art of painting. Doesn’t it make you think why can’t the two arts come together in one common space? Japanese art dealer Nanzuka did think this way and collaborated with one of the world’s best sushi restaurants- Sushi Saito. For those aware of the Tokyo-based business, the former Michelin three-starred Sushi Saito closed its doors in November of last year only to reopen as a contemporary space that’s going to club the best of two worlds- art and food. Making a debut as one of this year’s most aesthetically pleasing dining spaces is- 3110NZ by LDH Kitchen; this Tokyo-based establishment aims to function as a modern art gallery by day and acclaimed sushi restaurant by night. The place is done up extremely tastefully by Daniel Arsham’s co-founded architecture firm, Snarkitecture, who has given the interiors a very clean, modern, and aesthetic appeal in the form of spacious cavernous walls to hang paintings, glowing lights wadding the ceiling and art displays adjacent to the large cobblestone flooring. We now know where we will find the art, but where will we find this world-class sushi? A wood-based sushi bar takes center stage and serves as the centerpiece for the premises and is set as the famous Sushi Saito that takes over, come evening time. Sexy Robot artist and sculptor, Hajime Sorayama has also lent his talents by creating the logo design for this space.

Art connoisseurs who are also self-confessed sushi-lovers should know 3110NZ by LDH Kitchen will mount exhibitions for roughly four to six weeks at a time. The first exhibition will feature works by the influential Japanese postwar artist Keiichi Tanaami starting July 21. Visit Nanzuka’s website for more details.

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