Not your every day Big Mac – The worlds most expensive burger costs $6,000 and is made from Beluga caviar, saffron-infused gold-leafed buns and is served with Dom Perignon battered onion rings

If you’re a gourmand with a special liking for burgers, this one’s for you! To please those like us, Robbert Jan de Veen, the owner of Dutch diner De Daltons has just put together the most opulent burger in the world called the ‘Golden Boy’.

It recently took the crown from outlaw’s grill’s 325kg burger to be designated as the world’s most expensive burger by Guinness World Records. Yes, that’s right! No ordinary food item, the Golden Boy comes packed with flavor and a whole lot of ingredients.

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It is made using Wagyu A5 brisket, chuck short ribs, king crab cooked in white wine, Dom Pérignon battered onion rings, Joselito vintage Jamon, white truffle, Beluga caviar, smoked saffron chive mayonnaise made with duck eggs, and Dom Perignon Champagne Buns.

The burger is further slathered with generous helpings of barbecue sauce made from Kopi Luwak coffee and Macallan Single Malt Whiskey Rare Cask, Cheddar with truffle from Wyke Farms, Tiger tomato and cucumber pickled in matcha, and Whiskey-impregnated smoke.

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Available at Dutch diner De Daltons (located in Voorthuizen, a small town around forty minutes from Amsterdam), you can savor the Golden Boy for $ 5,911 (approximately). Fancy taking a bite of the world’s most expensive burger?

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