At $2,600 per pound, La Madeline au Truffe steals the show as world’s most expensive chocolate

If you happen to walk by Brooklyn’s Chocolate Room, I’d certainly urge you to take a sneak peak to discover the world’s most expensive chocolate. Fondly nicknamed as the Willy Wonka of Connecticut, Danish chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt is the man behind-the-scenes.

Now, if you thought we’re talking $500-$600, trust me you’re in for a surprise. At $2,600 per pound, La Madeline au Truffe has made a debut in the Guinness World Records for its pricey nature. Why, so expensive? Well, the record-breaking confectionery entails a rare French Perigord truffle. The mouth-watering truffle is then embedded in a ganache of heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla coated in 70% Valrhona dark chocolate and then delicately rolled in fine cocoa powder.

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Undoutedly so, the chocolate is hand-crafted with utmost care, including the ganache which is made with fresh cream and fresh butter.”That’s how we do it, how we will always do it,” Knipschildt said.

If you have a lavish gifting budget of $250 or you’re a keen chocolate enthusiast yourself, we’d recommend this beautiful artisanal chocolate as each piece of the chocolate is beautifully presented on a bed of faux pearls in a silver box tied with a bow.

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