World’s most expensive pasta is offered at Bice, NYC for $2,000

As a foodie, I strongly believe that spending money on a great meal is the best way to spend money. However even I question the sanity of people who pay $1,975 for gold leaf sushi, $1,010 for a golden phoenix cupcake, a $450 pizza and a $25,000 frozen hot chocolate! The latest in this line of exorbitantly priced food items is a $2,000 pasta, which can be found at Bice restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. The dish is made up of homemade tagliolini pasta topped with two pounds of fresh lobster and finished with black truffles. The entire dish is served on a gold leaf plate designed by Gianni Versace. It is accompanied by a portion of fried calamari, a portion of veal, chocolate mousse, and gratuity. Diners even get to take home the $350 gold leaf Versace plate that this incredible meal is served on.

When asked about the excessive dish, the creator, Chef Silverio Chavez, said, “It’s going to melt in your mouth, the lobster is fresh and tender, and all of the flavors work so well together… my mouth is watering thinking about it.” While the dish does seem a tad overpriced, the idea of fresh wish caught lobster combined with opulent black truffles is making me extremely hungry.

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