The most expensive tea-bag in the world costing $10,000 contains 280 diamonds and tea leaves of course!

After a hard day’s work, we often say I would give anything for a cup of tea but no one certainly means it quite literally; unless we are talking about the world’s most expensive tea-bag garnished with 280 diamonds. That would certainly take up a whole lot of wealth in exchange for a warm fuzzy feeling that tea-drinkers salivate for! A decade ago, Boodles jewelers managed to create a drinkable, diamond-studded tea bag for $10,000 to celebrate PG Tips’ 75th birthday! It must be a group of intense tea-lovers back at the Boodles stable as the jewelry chain took three months to complete the pyramid-shaped bag. Funnily, this tea-bags personified the moral lesson that no matter how much you shine outside what matters is what lies beneath; it may sparkle with 280 diamonds on the outside but it is still valued for the tea leaves inside, so the owner could use it to make a brew. The special beverage came with one hundred 2.56 carat diamonds embellished in its sides; another 100 on the inside and 80 diamonds decorated the bag’s white gold “string”.

If you think the reason to make this embellished tea-bag was just a grand, flamboyant birthday wish, you got it wrong. The bag was used in a prize draw to raise cash for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, the charity chosen by workers at PG Tips in Trafford Park.

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[Via: The Teatropolitan Times]

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