The oldest Japanese whiskey is announced – 55 years old and the lucky buyers of the $27,500 bottle will be chosen by lottery

In the world of whiskeys, it’s the Japanese ones that are currently trending! And the latest in the lot is the very rare- Yamazi 55 that is now in stock and ready to be sold! Only 100 limited edition bottles of the whiskey are currently available and will be given away to those lucky enough for 3 million yen or $27,600 each. Yes, that’s right!

Kengo Torii, head of Suntory’s whiskey business that owns the blend said – “We haven’t been able to get a lot of Yamazaki product out there, so we were always thinking of developing a product that would use our oldest whiskey stock,” while further adding that the Yamazaki was barreled before he was born.

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Made from a diminishing stock of unblended whiskeys, the Yamazi 55 (aged in Mizunara oak and American white oak barrels), features aromatic notes of pineapple and orange peel and a flavor profile that is considered mellow. In addition to the fruity aroma, the drink boasts a sweet and woody taste with a mature and long finish. The reddish-amber blend is made available in made-in-Japan crystal bottles, each emblazoned with the number “55” lined in gold leaf.

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The limited-edition liquor will be sold onward June 2020 only to buyers chosen by lottery. Well, worth trying your luck for a bottle of exclusive Japanese single malt maybe?

[Via: Forbes]