This Japanese start-up offers vegans and vegetarians a home-style cooking option to appeal to their palate

As everyone gets into the swing of healthy lifestyles and detox diets, Japanese start-up AirKitchen Plus’ goal is simple; transmute meat and dairy diets into plant-based diets. It’s an established fact that vegetarians and vegans experience much difficulty finding options in Japan and AirKitchen Plus is possibly the solution to all such problems.

A refreshing concept for us globe-trotting millenials, AirKitchen Plus is a sharing service that allows travellers to browse hosts and meals in different cities.

Here’s how it works. Browse the website, and select your favourite menu from a city you are visiting. When you have found the perfect match, you can book and pay online. When it’s time to eat, you’ll travel to the host’s home, help them prepare the food and get a chance to sit down with them to enjoy your meal. And, if you are one who prefers privacy, some hosts even offer a pick-up service. In addition to the home-cooking experience, AirKitchen Plus also fulfils culinary desires like full cooking classes and market tours.

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While the website does suggest giving two weeks’ notice to avoid any disappointment; up to three three days is also a possibility. Though some may even entertain same-day bookings.

Born in April 2018, AirKitchen Plus has garnered feedback from over 2,000 users from 50 countries. As of now, AirKitchen has rolled out throughout Japan with listings in more than 30 cities.

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