World’s most expensive cake is a stunning $74 million fashion catwalk model

The world’s most expensive cake has been unveiled. Priced at $74 million, the cake totally weights 450 kg, most of which is edible save for its 4,000 diamonds. Master behind this creation, or mistress rather, is British designer Debbie Wingham, famed for creating the world’s most expensive dress made from black and red diamonds. The cake is commissioned by a wealthy Arab client (from the UAE) of Debbie’s who stumbled across her fondant hobby while picking up a dress order from her atelier in Beaconsfield, England. The client, who remains anonymous due to a non-disclosure agreement, presented this 6-foot long ‘catwalk’ at the client’s daughter’s birthday and engagement party.

The fascinating cake is a pure piece of art. Debbie recreated a typical high end fashion show, with all the works including the front row crème de la crème with their flashy handbags, sun shades, shoes, smart phones and tabs. Models are dressed in gowns designed by Debbie and there is also a photographer kneeled up front, snapping the ladies. The cake weighs 450 kg (calculated weight of a grizzly bear it seems) and comprises of 120kg fondant and 60 kg of sculpting chocolate. Each figure was handmade by Debbie, who took 1,100 hours to complete this masterpiece. The icing is studded with a 5.2 carat pink diamond, a 6.4 carat yellow diamond and 15 individual five carat white diamonds. The runway is decorated with 400 one carat and 73 three carat white diamonds and 75 three carat black diamonds. And in order to give it a gala show effect, it had a sound-activated LED lighting Bose music system with digital LCD mini TV to provide the fashion wall.

Debbie has already been commissioned to make cakes for two high-profile weddings this year, and is busy clearing her workstation of all fabric to place fondant. This incredible installation has inspired her to open a cake company called ‘Couture to Cakes’. The wonderful story of chance and charm could perhaps eventually be made into a movie – it has all the works!

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And as for the client, since the cake alone costs $74 million, and keeping in mind that the core is UAE based, the math infers that the entire wedding perhaps would cost as much as the GDP of Syria, pre-war. Food for thought, but watch out for (precious) rocks, it’s a shame if you choke on diamonds.

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